SMB Group Opens Its Doors

Posted on March 20, 2012 - WIN News

A new company in the Midwest is focused on helping rural critical service industries, such as healthcare, financial institutions and even main street USA, survive in a business climate of increasing regulatory pressures. SMB Group, LLC, a decade-long vision of CIO Samuel Soper, has opened its doors at Banbury Place in Eau Claire, WI, as an operating subsidiary of Communications Management Group, LLC.

“Communities thrive in rural areas because of people who enjoy the small town attributes of customer service, familiarity with local businesses, and a preferable way of life in which to raise their families,” states Soper. “However, local financial firms and small-office healthcare providers are under increasing regulatory scrutiny and emerging industry requirements that could eventually force them to make community-affecting decisions, such as being acquired by a larger firm or ultimately going out of business altogether and leaving a void in the community.”

SMB Group’s staff consists of highly qualified business and technology professionals. Their primary focus is to help rural organizations save time, money, and effort through appropriate education, strategic planning, and governance, risk and compliance management. Through continuing research and screening processes, SMB Group showcases a group of “best-of-breed” products, processes, and services that help critical businesses meet their immediate and future needs through available, affordable, and manageable solutions.

Scott Hoffmann, CEO, adds, “SMB Group is a great complement to our other operating companies, Wisconsin Independent Network and Airstream Communications, which also support rural Midwest customers with data networking, Internet, data center, and IT consulting services.”

“The combination of our career experiences within the financial, healthcare, technical, accounting, and defense industries motivates us with a mission-first approach to assisting these small to medium businesses survive,” says Soper. “If we can help level the industry playing field by offering top-level advice, processes, and tools that help at least one business in each small community continue to serve its local customers, we have achieved our mission and our vision.”

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