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Posted on May 11, 2012 - WIN News

WIN has experienced significant growth since my last post on the website about our business in 2008! As I look back at that update, I struggle with summarizing WIN’s activity. But here goes:

  • Our fiber optic-based DWDM, Ethernet and SONET network now extends nearly 4000 miles touching four states.
  • We operate 80 Points of Presence (POPs) across this network äóñ which means we touch nearly 80 cities and towns across our network.
  • Our Network Management Center in Eau Claire has grown to a 24 x 7 in-house staffed operation
  • Our overall staff has grown to forty employees.
  • We have tied a number of businesses directly into our network through fiber construction projects, providing these businesses mission critical access to bandwidth via the WIN network.
  • We continue to support the advancement of our thirty-one member-owner telephone companies as they evolve in the ever-changing telecommunications businessäó_ with new services, new technology, and expanded network capacity and redundancy.

Our Internet business, Airstream Communications, continues to experience significant growth. Since 2008, the amount of Internet traffic traversing the Airstream network has increased 8.8 times! Airstream provides wholesale Internet services that serve nearly 100,000 residents and businesses throughout Wisconsin. It utilizes the WIN network for bandwidth and network diversity, connecting three diverse serving centers to provide a very high degree of Internet service reliability. By 3Q 2012, Airstream will have direct GigE upstream connections not only in the Midwest but also at major traffic exchange points on both the East and West coasts.

WIN’s data center, sitting on a WIN network hub in Eau Claire and hosting one of Airstream’s serving centers, continues to grow its customer base. Customers in the data center have fully redundant access to WIN’s expansive network, Airstream’s Internet connectivity, and the skilled staff of technicians, engineers, and system administrators that support our Network Management Center.

We have expanded the breadth of our services while leveraging our network, our data center and our Internet operations. Past press releases have shared the news of SMB Group, WASD Game Servers and WIN IT Services. All are wholly owned subsidiaries that provide services closely related to our network, data center and Internet operations. We are very excited about the growth potential of all three of these new businesses.

As I think about the makeup of our company today, now thirteen years in this business, we are staffed with many employees who have highly technical backgrounds. WIN’s leadership team, including myself, consists of engineers by education and early career experience. But we pride ourselves on what we hear from our customers; a company that is flexible, easy to work with, and one that does what we say we will do. Thank you for your interest in WIN and its affiliate companies; we look forward to working together with you to meet and exceed your expectations.

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