Postman, Patron, Soldier, ‘Sconnie: Bonus Content

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Editor’s note: This post is bonus content from a November/December issue of our internal newsletter WINDOW. Enjoy!

If you’re a regular reader of our bi-monthly newsletter WINDOW, you’ll know all about Wally Nelson, the intrepid veteran, postmaster, inspector, and longtime SirenTel customer from the feature story about him in the November/December 2015 issue.

If not, suffice it to say that being a member of the Greatest Generation is only the beginning for Wally. From driving landing craft into enemy fire in the Pacific during WWII to managing the home front through wartime rations and shortages, Wally and his wife Rose are living embodiments of the very best of America.

This month, we didn’t have enough space in the WINDOW to print all of Wally’s interview so we’re publishing two stories here as bonus content.

By 1963, after making postmaster in Wisconsin, Wally worked his way up to Post Inspector, a job that required him to attend training in Washington D.C. As it happens, Wally was training in the nation’s capital when President John F. Kennedy was assassinated.

“The day of the funeral, our [training school] was closed for the day,” says Wally. “So we all walked down to the funeral procession.”

They ended up making their way through the substantial crowds to the second row of onlookers as the president’s casket and motorcade passed by.

Meanwhile, the city was struggling to maintain heightened security as untold thousands flooded in from around the country to pay their respects.

“D.C. was on lockdown at that point,” he remembers. “They were worried the funeral would be a target, so there was law enforcement everywhere.”

Today, Wally and Rose continue to reside in Wisconsin and enjoy fast, reliable service from SirenTel, a WIN Member Company.

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