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Since 1999, WIN has served the Upper Midwest with cutting-edge technology solutions. Small and medium businesses, enterprise businesses, and other technology companies count on WIN to be their network, data center, and IT services partner.


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With a footprint of over 5,000 miles, WIN’s fiber network is one of the largest in the region. Built on MEF CE 2.0 principles, our fiber backbone is the foundation upon which we build every other service we offer. We were a network company first, and continue to invest in new fiber construction, dark fiber leasing and purchasing, and peering agreements.

We’re proud to serve our customers with the largest independent network in Wisconsin, and to have expanded into Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Illinois and Iowa, too. Whether you’re going to a rural cell site or a bustling communications hub in a major city, we can get you there.


Over the years we’ve noticed a trend of other technology companies building a portfolio of services that looks great on paper but isn’t specifically geared toward their customers. We take a different approach.

We have built our company to be a means to the end goal of our customers’ success. Each year we take a hard look at the strategic objectives we want our network, data center, and services portfolio to accomplish in the coming year. Every objective revolves around our customers and how we can serve them better.


In business, and particularly in technology, bigger doesn’t always mean better. A multi-national carrier may have a huge footprint, but they’ll never be as agile as WIN. In an age of prepackaged products and one-size-fits-all solutions, we believe the most valuable services are built from the ground up.

When you partner with WIN, you’ll never be shown a list of products and told to pick one. We begin every relationship with a deep discussion of the customer’s business and what the next 1, 3, and 5 years will look like for them. The more we understand what the world looks like from your vantage point, the better we can serve you.

Deep Roots

WIN is owned by a group of 31 independent telephone companies in Wisconsin. WIN also owns and operates several associated technology companies.

  • Airstream Communications is an Internet Service Provider and sister company to WIN. Learn more.
  • INDATEL is a “network of networks” that offers Ethernet services over their collected 90,000 route miles of fiber. WIN is a founding member of INDATEL. Learn more.
  • Midwest Video Solutions is a linear signal service provider bringing television services to companies in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. Learn more.
  • SMB Group is a technology consulting company that serves healthcare and manufacturing companies in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Illinois. Learn more.