Data Center

WIN owns and operates two data centers. Both are interconnected by WIN’s fiber network with diverse fiber entrances to each center, along diverse fiber routes, and with optical network protection. Each is built from the ground up to be a reliable and controlled environment for critical business. From “2n” diverse power infrastructure to state-of-the-art layered security and clean agent fire protection, your data is protected.

More Than Rack, Stack, Power

In our data centers, we provide the basic starting point: a secure place for your equipment. We also leverage the hyper-convergence of IT Managed Services, our optical network, Internet peering, and on-demand connections to your private and public cloud applications.

Lots Of Industries

A wide range of industries have selected our data centers: healthcare, finance, government, education, and telecommunications. Many look to our facilities as part of their disaster recovery planning. Many industries utilize our network connections as a valuable advantage.