Help Desk

When you call with a question, you want an answer. When you need a resource, you want delivery. Right away – not tomorrow, not in a week. Our help desk is staffed to address Tier 1 questions and provide resolution. The pace of your business is fast, and so is our help desk.

Bring on Your Issues

The WIN help desk wants to hear from you: we can’t wait to provide the support and information you need. Call or message us. We’re ready. WIN provides help desk support to numerous industries:  telecommunications, healthcare, financial services, and government.

Staff Trained to Serve You

Our staff is trained in old-fashioned customer care: be responsive, be helpful, be courteous, be creative and flexible. Doggedly investigating and resolving to find the resources for the customer is what we do. Most importantly, we fix the issue. You’ll see these skills on display at our help desk.