Service by Industry

Over the years, we’ve developed specialized solutions for each industry we serve. Explore a few of our best examples below, or get in touch to discuss your particular needs.

Telecommunications / ISP

WIN serves a broad spectrum of the telecommunications industry and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We’ve enabled voice, video, and data for local, regional, and national carriers. As far away as Yokota Air Base in Japan, and as close-by as your local ISP, WIN has deployed dependable services. We do so with responsible and strong service level commitments.


Healthcare is in a crunch. Costs and patient needs are growing fast, faster than many have seen before, and healthcare organizations across the board are struggling to keep up. Hospitals, clinics, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), and Long Term Care Facilities are all feeling increased regulatory pressure at the state and federal level. As the Boomer generation heads into retirement, these facilities will be tasked with caring for more patients than ever before.


Large scale digital transformation is happening to all of us. This holds true for today’s financial institutions, with the challenge of harnessing big data for speed, automation, and mobility. The WIN fiber network has enabled community banks and credit unions to accomplish this – to transport and store data reliably.


When the White House launched the U.S. Digital Service – a bold new agency tasked with modernizing federal digital infrastructure and resources – in 2014, it signaled a new chapter for government-run IT. No longer can government systems lag behind the private sector in security, availability, and user experience. Citizens are more in-tune with the power of the digital world than ever before. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for cutting-edge IT for years to come.


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No one is asking for less bandwidth! This has put a consistent and ever-increasing amount of pressure on IT teams as they grapple with changing budgets, increasing demand, and the rise of digital devices in the classroom.