WIN + Education

From K-12 to postsecondary, WIN is proud to be a part of supporting our local and regional education institutions. Explore below a few of the ways we support education with our fiber network, Internet connectivity, and data center services.


Students, and the devices they carry, need more bandwidth than ever. Additionally, the ubiquity of smart devices has opened entirely new avenues for schools. We continue to see e-learning and distance education for nontraditional and disabled students rise as devices and connectivity allow. As your school, district, or state school system tackles the strategic challenge of increasing Internet connectivity, consider how WIN can help. From incremental increases to massive upgrades – to 100Gb and above – WIN’s cutting edge fiber network is the perfect resource to help you modernize your IT.


Local education meets statewide Internet engineering when geographically disparate schools need to communicate. We’ve helped K-12 schools around the state get high bandwidth connectivity for their students and a reliable, high bandwidth link to centralized administration in major metros.