WIN + Finance

Large scale digital transformation is happening to all of us. This holds true for today’s financial institutions as they tackle the challenge of harnessing big data for speed, automation, and mobility. The WIN fiber network has enabled community banks and credit unions to transport and store data reliably.

Empowering Connections

WIN has installed connections for financial entities who need to exchange data between multiple sites. In a wide area network (WAN) set-up, we’ve created interconnections that empower banking to move data whenever and wherever. We’ve done it with the network expertise, flexibility, and customer service we’re known for.

Protected and Secure

Financial institutions have to keep their data secure. Our fiber network and multi-site connections enable banking to plan for data transport and storage. This gives their customers the comfort of knowing that their private information is being protected.

Skilled Support

As WIN designs network interconnections, we can provide IT support. It may be router, switch, server, or firewall configurations. It may fall into a broader range of business concerns. For example, what are my options for data transport? What is WIN seeing in the industry as fiber network connections are established?