WIN + Telecommunications / ISP

WIN serves a broad spectrum of the telecommunications industry and Internet Service Providers (ISPs). We’ve enabled voice, video, and data for local, regional, and national carriers. As far away as Yokota Air Base in Japan and as close by as your local ISP, WIN has deployed dependable services. We do so with responsible and strong service level commitments.

We're Local

We’ve made thousands of connections for telecommunications companies and ISPs, and these connections often are local to your area. We’ve worked with any number of companies serving local communities – both rural and urban – with Internet and telecom. There’s a chance WIN has assisted with your service along the way. We treat our customers, wherever you are, like we live down the block, like we are members of your community.

We're Regional and National

We’ve made network connections in the upper Midwest for nearly twenty years. If you live and work in this part of our country, you may have used a telecommunications network, or ISP, where WIN supplied a connection. Nationwide, we’ve helped telecommunications companies with broadband coast-to-coast, north-to-south.