WIN was built on our fiber network and it remains our greatest asset. Whether you’re a small business looking for some network and data center support or a large enterprise that needs serious horsepower, we can be your network partner.

Below is a map of our fiber footprint with callouts for different pieces of our network. Feel free to browse and see how WIN’s network can be of service to you.

Don’t see our network near your business? Never fear! Every year WIN is adding hundreds of new miles of fiber to our network. If existing fiber isn’t in your neck of the woods, give us a call to explore how we can creatively engineer a new connection to your business.

WIN Fiber Network Footprint
Updated website network map


Network Overview

In 1999 WIN was founded with a vision to become a regional player in the fiber network arena. Since then, we’ve continued to grow, adding new fiber every year through construction and acquisition. WIN interconnects with carriers in major markets like Minneapolis and Chicago, as well as through our national peering partners.

Key stats:
  • 5,000+ miles of fiber network
  • Fiber in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa, and Upper Michigan
  • 100+ Points of Presence (POPs)
  • “800 Building” data center in Eau Claire, WI
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring and support
100 Gbps

No one is asking for less bandwidth!

The fiber network industry has seen tremendous growth in bandwidth over the past couple of years. 4K streaming, new gaming consoles, and ever-present smartphones are driving bandwidth consumption to record levels every month.

In 2014 WIN added several 100Gbps links to our network. If you need ultra-high speed connectivity to your building, give us a call. We will engineer a circuit that fits your needs and will keep your business humming every hour of every day.

Looking for more?

To get the latest information on where our fiber is located, where we currently have lit service, and where we’re building more, reach out to our sales team via the Contact Us page.