WIN designs, builds, and maintains private fiber networks, customized to your goals

Specialized Expertise in Fiber Construction Projects

Custom-designed from the ground up, your fiber construction project is guided by senior staff at WIN. Our skilled outside plant engineers near-net fiber laterals and long-haul fiber routes. From design to permitting to completing fiber construction – and operating and maintaining your fiber – WIN provides the solution you ask for.

Connect Your Business to Multiple Sites

If your business requires fiber construction to multiple sites, WIN evaluates our capabilities alongside your goals. Project cost, ROI, timeframe to deliver, interconnection requirements – we align solutions to your desired outcomes. We’ll lend a voice, but better yet we’ll lend our ears, listening carefully to what you need.

Benefits to your business: bandwidth scalability, low latency, diversity, and high reliability

Fiber construction provides it all: A high quality transport medium, scalable bandwidth that future-proofs your growth, low latency delivery that meets your data performance, and diversity that provides insurance against network failures.