Private Line

Private Line delivery options can be customized as point-to-point or hub arrangements in flexible network designs

Legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)

If you still need traditional DS1, DS3, or OC192 services, we can provision them. WIN maintains a strong and reliable TDM backbone and interconnections to major carriers and central offices. We grew up on this technology and it remains a rock-solid performer.

Ethernet Private Lines (EPL) from 10 Mb to 100Gb

WIN runs Ethernet at its core, a common customer delivery method is Ethernet Private Line (EPL).  MEF-CECP (Carrier Ethernet Certified Professional) certified staff, carrier grade Ethernet, point-to-point connections, and transparent LAN service fuse everything together.  WIN custom-builds high availability (HA) and low-latency connections with EPL.