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For 16 years we have served businesses just like you. Today, our network, portfolio of network services, and data center are stronger than ever. We are consistently expanding our fiber plant and making new investments in associated services like OTT caching and advanced network analytics.

Key Facts

WIN has been fortunate to continue to grow and serve more enterprise customers as the years go by. Below are a few key facts to consider as you look for a network and data center partner.

  • 5,000 miles of fiber
  • 5 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Upper Michigan, Illinois, Iowa
  • 100+ POPs
  • 10Mbps to 100Gbps+ capacity
  • SONET and DWDM
  • MEF CE 2.0 compliant
Driven by Demand

WIN uniquely deploys its network to be agile enough to accommodate your particular network needs. When you are looking for a new Internet circuit – or an upgrade to an existing one – consider how WIN can help get you there.

WIN Enterprise Services

In the 1990s, the Internet was often referred to as the “information superhighway.” Today, it has become so much more than just a means of transport. It is a fundamental building block of business in a way that few saw coming.

A New Era

We know that reliable access to high-speed bandwidth is becoming a high level concern for companies. The ability to replicate data offsite, create shared private LANs, and engineer corporate resources to serve your multi-site – or even multi-national – business.

WIN Ethernet services empower you to better forecast the needs of your IT, and gain a strategic understanding of how guaranteed and SLA-assured transport can be the foundation for your next stage of growth.

All WIN Ethernet services are built on the rock-solid foundation of carrier-class networking equipment. We’ve engineered and deployed equipment from various carrier-class vendors since 2009 and continue to select their products for the reliability and flexibility they offer our customers.


WIN owns and operates the largest independent fiber optic network in Wisconsin. Designed to be highly reliable, available, and fault tolerant, WIN Internet enjoys low latency across the network. Additionally, the inclusion of spare “head room” capacity on the network allows the network to dynamically handle unexpected spikes in traffic without end users experiencing congestion or interruption of service.

WIN Internet Services

The following are a few of the most popular Internet services we offer. Looking for something else? Give us a call and our team will work with you to find a solution.

  • IPv4 and IPv6 BGP-routed Internet connectivity utilizing multiple geographically-diverse, Tier 1 transit and peering networks
  • IPv4 and IPv6 static IP address blocks
  • Web and FTP servers
  • Email servers and filtering
  • Domain Name Services
  • Router monitoring and management
  • Traffic and performance monitoring, graphing, and notifications
  • Network and server security
  • VPN solutions
  • Dedicated virtual servers
  • User management and authentication services
  • ISP back office administration
  • And more!

Network Management

Fiber networks are complex, intricate infrastructure, and rightfully so. Every day the WIN fiber network transports an enormous amount of data from their offices to the world.

In 2014, the WIN NMC averaged just 7 seconds average time to answer a support call, and over 80% of all support calls were resolved by the NMC technician that answered the call. No escalation required.


Like a fine-tuned sports car, every good network needs a world-class pit crew to keep it in shape. Behind the scenes of WIN’s high performance network, a team of dedicated professionals watches over each Internet circuit and data center rack around the clock.

Network Monitoring & Troubleshooting

Network interruptions don’t care if it is in the middle of the workday or the dead of night. When they hit, you need a team that can react with speed to identify the issue, quarantine it to prevent further damage, notify impacted customers, and take decisive steps to resolve the issue.

The WIN NMC does that and more for over 100,000 end users every day. Network trouble has a way of sneaking up on you. We believe the best way to protect yourself and your customers is with a 24x7x365 network management team.

NMC Staff Certifications

WIN’s NMC is a division of highly trained technical experts that watch over our network and troubleshoot customer challenges around the clock, every day of the year. Below are the certifications our staff carries and is current in:

  • Metro Ethernet Forum Certified Ethernet Carrier Professional (MEF CECP)
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Design Associate (CCDA)
  • vmWare Certified Professional (VCP)
  • Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC)
  • HIPAA Business Associate
  • Fortinet Certified Network Security Professional (FCNSP)

Data Center

Rack / Stack / Power

Our data center is move-in ready, with standard rack units standing by for your business equipment. All WIN data center racks enjoy dual feeds from Xcel Energy specific to each rack, as well as two battery systems and backup generators to carry the data center in the event of a power interruption.

If you need something larger than a few RUs, or want a more customized service involving advanced security and monitoring, our engineering team will walk with you through the process of designing and deploying the perfect data center solution.


Have you already invested in IT but are looking for a new or more secure place to host it? The WIN data center specializes in colocation services, offering the full slate of “rack, stack, and power” that customers expect.

Whether you’d like to engineer something new from the ground-up or simply move your existing infrastructure, you’ll find a protected, hardened, and secure facility at WIN.


For more information about WIN’s data center, including technical specifications, click here.


Fiber Map

See the power of the WIN network yourself with our latest fiber network map. Whether you’re looking for cellular backhaul, transit between major metros, or a circuit to a rural Midwest town, our network is ready to serve. See the map.

Let’s talk

If you’re ready to see how WIN’s fiber network, Internet services, and data center can be an asset for you, get in touch! Our sales team is standing by to walk with you through the process of scoping and procuring new IT resources. Get in touch.