Service By Industry

Over the years we’ve developed specialized solutions for each industry we serve. Explore a few of our best examples below, or get in touch to discuss your particular needs.



Healthcare is in a crunch. Costs and patient needs are growing fast, faster than many have seen before, and healthcare organizations across the board are struggling to keep up. Hospitals, clinics, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs), and Long Term Care Facilities are all feeling increased regulatory pressure at the state and federal level. As the Boomer generation heads into retirement, these facilities will be tasked with caring for more patients than ever before.

WIN + Healthcare

From one-off projects to long term partnerships, WIN has helped healthcare facilities navigate the complex and ever-changing environment of medical-grade IT. Leverage our data center for extra storage and computing power, or our fiber network for world class bandwidth.


Does your organization have multiple branches and depend on connectivity between them to keep business moving? Explore how a protected circuit from WIN can connect every one of your locations with a redundant Internet circuit. In the rare event of a failure on one side, the redundant connection will pick up the traffic and keep you online.

Records Storage

Specific laws vary state by state, but all healthcare organizations are required to keep patient records for an extended period of time. Understanding how our data center can help meet those needs is a powerful tool for any business.


WIN staff undergo HIPAA Business Associate training and testing, and are prepared to manage your critical infrastructure in a responsible manner. For further information on this important and sensitive subject, talk to the WIN sales team and we’ll get you in touch with a technical manager to discuss.

When the White House launched the U.S. Digital Service – a bold new agency tasked with modernizing federal digital infrastructure and resources – in 2014, it signaled a new chapter for government-run IT. No longer can government systems lag behind the private sector in security, availability, and user experience. Citizens are more in-tune with the power of the digital world than ever before. Now is the time to lay the groundwork for cutting-edge IT for years to come.

WIN + Government

At the federal, state, and local level WIN serves government departments and agencies with a broad portfolio of services designed to meet disparate and ever-changing needs.


State and federal governments and other governmental entities deal with some of the largest databases and datasets around. Like many things, all the data and bandwidth in the world are worthless without a pipe big enough to transport it.

WIN’s 100 Gigabit network delivers speeds up to 10,000x faster than your home Internet connection (based on 10Mbps at home). Experience for yourself the power of 100Gbps for data transfer, data backup, and inter-agency communication.

Data Center Colocation

Secure your IT equipment in WIN’s state-of-the-art data center. With round-the-clock monitoring and support by our onsite Network Management Center (NMC), redundant utility infrastructure, and layered security, you can rest easy knowing the backbone of your digital architecture is safe and operational.


Networking between geographically diverse campuses, office suites, cities, and even states can be a daunting challenge. WIN designs custom Wide Area Network (WAN) solutions to keep your staff connected, wherever they are.

Workspace Recovery

Protect your staff, department, and agency with the ability to immediately recover from a disaster at your primary office building to an offsite location at WIN. We provide Internet connectivity to onsite workspace so getting your staff online is as simple as moving from your desk to ours.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: No one is asking for less bandwidth! This has put a consistent and ever-increasing amount of pressure on IT teams as they grapple with changing budgets, increasing demand, and the rise of digital devices in the classroom.

WIN + Education

From K-12 to postsecondary, WIN is proud to be a part of supporting our local and regional education institutions. Explore below a few of the ways we support education with our fiber network, Internet connectivity, and data center services.


Students, and the devices they carry, need more bandwidth than ever. Additionally, ubiquity of smart devices has opened entirely new avenues for schools. We continue to see e-learning and distance education for nontraditional and disabled students rise as devices and connectivity allow.

As your school, district, or state school system tackles the strategic challenge of increasing Internet connectivity, consider how WIN can help. From incremental increases to massive upgrades – to 100Gbps and above – WIN’s cutting edge fiber network is the perfect resource to help you modernize your IT.


Local education meets statewide Internet engineering when geographically disparate schools need to communicate. We’ve helped K-12 schools around the state get high bandwidth connectivity for their students and a reliable, high bandwidth link to centralized administration in major metros.